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Think in Ink is a BIPOC collective and literary magazine dedicated to connecting emerging writers of color to opportunities of learning, growth, and publication. We aim to eliminate barriers, and help broaden access to publishing opportunities, professional development, and visibility for multicultural writers. Founded in 2020, Think in Ink provides a virtual community for emerging BIPOC writers and creators to connect, collaborate, and communicate. As a group of seasoned writers and editors, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and methods to prevent gate keeping and promote inclusivity and accessibility. We do this by providing workshops, virtual community, resource boards and guides, newsletters, and an online literary zine specially geared toward underserved writers.

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Think In Ink Literary Magazine and BIPOC Collective was created with the vision and dream of a radically supportive and accessible literary community. We seek to break barriers that stand in the way of the upward mobility of BIPOC writers and provide a platform for writers of intersectional identities while prioritizing a literary landscape that is equitable and expansive. The zine and newsletter offer poetic spotlights, articles, and creative critique from a unique diasporic perspective, along with craft talks, list/databases, programs, and services that connect emerging diasporic writers to resources and opportunities that lead to a successful writing future. Think In Ink is a place to decolonize your bookshelf and explore the world of powerful writers of color.

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A literary collective created by and for writers of color. We are a social gathering space for writers of the global majority that seek solidarity, community, and connection as well as resources and opportunties.


Think In Ink

Think In Ink is a BIPOC collective geared towards giving resources and opportunties to writers of color.